future childrenWelcome to Sunlightbioelectric.com ~ We are a growing community of like minded folks here in North Idaho. We appreciate you taking the time to see what we’ve discovered about WATER, FOOD, EMF’s and lifestyle. In addition to being an R & D (Research & Development company)  a good deal of our work is sharing ideas about sustainable “off grid” living.

We also provide Research and Development and share our findings!

Our intention is to “Make a Difference” on this planet Earth; together we can!

The future of our children depends on the choices we make which gets passed on to them. In that way, we all benefit by realizing they have some of the answers as well! It begins by teaching them RESPECT; of Nature, all animals big and small and ALL living Beings! We must lead by example that nothing is really ‘thrown away’ but has to go SOMEWHERE! We must instill a sense of awareness about what we do with our trash… Bringing our own drinking “canteen” or water bottles (continually reusing), is a wonderful way to honor and respect this planet. We are ALL in this together!!


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“Pop’s Perspectives”- Videos/Essays by Owen “Pops” Mullen

Owen “Pops” Mullen

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The World is Round

NEW 8/2021

The Earth is Responding

What is going on???

Essay by Owen Mullen - What is Going On???

We are All in the Same Boat!

Essays by Owen Pops Mullen

New Light on Corona Virus 2020Essays by Owen Pops Mullen


Released on 11/11/11, the film, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? was an unconventional documentary that lifted the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream and uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Almost nine years later, the team that brought us THRIVE I released the sequel, THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes.

THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes, brings viewers behind the scenes with the people and inventions that have the power to transform life for everyone. The film unpacks the strategies, the science, and the principles that underlie the most potent solutions in energy, health, consciousness, and non-coercive self-organizing.


THRIVE II brings compelling evidence that illustrates a new paradigm of science that Einstein was seeking, unveiling for the layperson an emerging coherent theory of the “Unified Field,” and all that it implies.

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ATTENTION: E. Coli and bacteria removed from fruits and veggies!

There has been an increasing problem with contaminated veggies, evidence that bacteria contaminates the lettuce through use of manure fertilizers and toxic water from runoffs. In some cases there have been E. Coli on greens and vegetables that have not been fertilized this way. Biotite H3O2 Liquid Crystal Minerals can be used as a vegetable and fruit wash! Please read the research we’ve been doing, the results are staggering!

Here’s what we do: Simply spray a diluted solution (1 Tbsp/gallon) on vegetables.  A five minute soak  in the same dilution draws pesticides and other contaminants from deeper within food for a more thorough cleanse. This same solution can be used again for several weeks before discarding.


Want to learn how to purify drinking water under the most extreme circumstances? See our lab test results and read more about the  Biotite Crystal Mineral process! arrow down

What is Biotite H3O2 Liquid Crystal Minerals?  (click here)

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water around the worldWe are grateful for the information and videos on our other website: H3O2water.com.  Everything we  wanted to know about H3O2 water and that we could find, is there! Information about companies BUYING the water rights of small towns, pollution of our precious water, water in the news, etc…


We really appreciate this opportunity to serve and are very excited about all the things we want to share. Please come back often or if you have a comment or suggestion, please send us an email.


SunlightBioElectric Team


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