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Links about folks who “Make a Difference” and share information concerning structured water, clean drinking water, fluoride/chlorine in water recycling plastic water bottles/straws, toxic waste, ocean pollution and frequencies! Here are some videos and information that we are aligning with. We hope you enjoy the content, please note that we are not advertising, endorsing or paid to share this. Thank you. SBE Team


NEW  fantastic video movies by Foster & Kimberly Gamble; Thrive I and Thrive II

“This is the most comprehensive production to date explaining what is wrong with the human condition and better yet, what we can do as humans to correct the problem. Yes, this mess can be fixed! Take the time to watch the entire film. You will be amazed.”

“I have had a long-time passion for finding the pulse of what is really going on and exploring ways we can effectively support the shift to a world where all are free to thrive. Many people have asked that I share a blog with my investigations, reflections and recommendations going forward.

To that end I am initiating THRIVE PULSE which will periodically cover my take on critical current events in areas like Energy, Science, the Global Domination Agenda, ET phenomena and the transition to a truly free society, as well as updates on THRIVE.

I invite you to join the discussion by commenting on the page. Thank you! — Foster Gamble”


We have the Covid-19 pandemic going on Now and feel that Dr. Zach Bush really has a very CLEAR outlook on how to evolve beyond this! PLEASE take the time to watch this and share.


ATTENTION ~ FYI: Covid-19 interview

Dr. Zach BushThis validates WHY we provide information about water purification; making H3O2 structured/ EZ water. Questions are discussed and answered about EMF radiation protection, organic gardening, soil sample analysis and toxicity/pollution issues. Sunlightbioelectric is a distributor for Tainio Biologicals (garden and farm).

Fascinating video that we highly recommend for the times we’re in! Zach Bush Our COVID-19 Assumptions Are Wrong: Why Social Distancing & Vaccines Will Make The Pandemic Worse”


“Maybe we should stop asking how will we survive and instead ask what world do we want to live in… Sustainable Human is a 501c3 non-profit started by a husband and wife team (Chris and Dawn Agnos) whose mission is to examine the underlying stories that give rise to the environmental, social, and economic crises of our time and offer new stories that help humanity to live in harmony with each other and the biosphere.” Learn more:


Published on Feb 27, 2017 ~ “Everything is the Light – Hidden Interview with Nikola Tesla” – FULL INTERVIEW – Narrated By: Gary Lite


Website all about WATER and what’s going on in the world with it!

FaceBook Page:  Please visit there often, for ongoing events and reports.



MISSION (from Tainio): “Tainio Biologicals provides natural products and solutions for agriculture and the environment to improve the health of the earth and its inhabitants.”




We’ve loved a lot of information from this website, Brian Clement is amazing and there’s lots of info. especially concerning organics and FOOD health. You might want to visit their site and see what works for you!


Dr. EmotoDr Masaru Emoto, the author of the best selling books; “Messages from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, “The True Power of Water” and “Love Thyself, the Mysteries that Water holds”.

Hado creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.”

The Japanese researcher in question is Dr. Masaru Emoto, chief of the Hado institute in Tokyo. He is the author of many books concerning the phenomenon of ‘ Hado’. The two ideograms comprising this expression Hado literally mean “wave” and “move”. This following definition is how Dr. Emoto himself describes the phenomenon, which led him to a series of remarkable discoveries pertaining to the nature of water. “Hado: The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.”

“If we introduce water, which contains many different types of information, into the human body, then that human body will assimilate this information, which may change the person’s characteristics.(summarized)” 

“Love tends to be a more active energy, the act of giving oneself unconditionally. By contrast, gratitude is a more passive energy, a feeling that results from having been given something, knowing that you have been given the gift of life and reaching out to receive it joyously with both hands. What the world needs now is gratitude. We must begin by learning what it means to have enough…to feel gratitude for having been born on a planet so rich in nature, and gratitude for the water that makes our life possible. Do we really know how wonderful it is to be able to breathe a big breath of clean air? If you open your eyes you will see that the world is full of so much that deserves your gratitude. When you have become the embodiment of gratitude, think about how pure the water that fills your body will be. When this happens, you, yourself will be a beautiful shining crystal of light.”   Dr. Masaru Emoto (Author of Messages from Water)

love-Dr. Emoto

“IMAGINE ~ we are primarily WATER … what we speak to each other is HELD in the WATER in our bodies. Do we choose hate, anger, blame, etc. or LOVE, GRATITUDE & BLESSINGS …

May our words, thoughts and prayers be for PEACE” *Star*

Thank you for all your research Dr. Masaru Emoto!





Speaking to the Water

How to tap into the magic and mystery of water. A powerful story from Pat McCabe, a Navajo and Lakota activist.



Dr. Gerald Pollack’s homepage:

Dr. Pollack’s faculty lecture:

An interview conducted by Dr. Joseph Mercola of Dr. Gerald Pollack on Aug 19, 2013 on structured water (H3O2) and how different it is from H2O:

Dancing With Water by MJ Pangman & Melanie Evans:



 More videos …

The high cost — to both the environment and our health — of bottled water is the subject of this documentary that enlists activists, environmentalists, community leaders and others to expose the dark side of the bottled water industry. Americans may rethink their obsession with bottled H20 when they learn of the unregulated industry’s willingness to ignore environmental and health concerns, and the problems that arise as a result.


Is fluoride bad for you? Should you be concerned about sodium fluoride being in your water or toothpaste? Learn why Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, China and more countries have banned fluoride. How did fluoride get approved for use in the United States and what are the health effects? Learn everything you need to know about fluoride. (read more)


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