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Light Rhythms EMF Protectors

Q. How does Light Rhythms technology work?


A. Light Rhythms‘ Technology works on the principle of Unified Field Theory to create organization and conformity within a system, thereby heightening performance, creating stability and coherence. Evidence of  these effects can be demonstrated in crisper, clearer sound resolution on audio and stereo equipment, superior television screen resolution, higher energy and productivity levels in people as well as greater mental clarity. Light Rhythms‘ technology does not modify the system itself; it simply works as a guide to create order and coherence.

Frequencies manifest themselves in wave form patterns. As a wave form occurs, it climbs to higher levels of excitation, becoming subject to friction, encountering distortion by colliding with objects and other wave forms, and ultimately losing information and energy. In other words, the frequency becomes chaotic. The term for this chaos in the world of electronics is “noise”. Undetectable by human ears, this “noise” is what causes the undesirable distortion of frequencies. In the world of nature, which we as humans are a part of, chaotic frequency is responsible for much of our mental, emotional and physical “DisEase”.

By exposing a wave form (frequency) to a sustained resonance of order (organization), Light Rhythms‘ organizes the wave form at its source, causing a realignment of each level of excitation, and brings it into sync with it’s source frequency. This coming into phase of each level establishes coherency and better conductivity in the wave form’s performance.

Concerto & Symphony 

Protect your family or farm from the possible harmful effects of kitchen appliances, televisions, stereos, nearby power lines and home computers.


Light RhythmsTM EMF Protectors





Experience the Benefits:

  • Increased productivity and concentration
  • A less stressful environment
  • More effective communications
  • Easier, more restful sleep
  • Relief from symptoms of “sick building syndrome”
  • Reduced eye strain and headaches at computer station
  • Relief from symptoms of ADD
  • Music sounding crisper, sharper
  • Increased nutrient uptake in plants
  • Relief from EMF stress in animals/livestock

Use at the office to guard against negative effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) from computers, cell phones, fax machines and copiers.

Protect your family from the possible harmful effects of kitchen appliances, televisions, stereos, nearby power lines and home computers.

When you’re on the go, the ConcertoTM  works quietly against the effects of cellular phones and pagers with DC power and optional adapters.

The Concerto™ will cover an area up to 4000 square feet within minutes. Simply plug the unit into an electrical outlet and turn on the switch. The Concerto™ will quietly do its job without further attention! The Concerto’s rechargeable lead acid battery allows approximately 36 hours of convenient portability and will not develop a “memory” as do some other appliance batteries. It’s also adaptable for voltages in Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries.

“We installed the Concerto after having lived next to power lines for 3 years, with incredible health issues. BUT, my daughter’s health problems of 5 years DISAPPEARED within a month of having your Concerto. Our fatigue, skin rashes, digestive troubles, etc. all vanished. And I can’t tell you what it’s done for our marriage! No more crabbiness!! So THANK YOU for all you do. It was TRULY A life saver.” – Concerto User Testimonial


SBE SPECIAL –$649 $599 US*

We Installed the Symphony at Gold Light Ranch

Here is a little video of our installing it (May, 2018)


symphony emf protectionThe Light Rhythms™ Symphony™ counteracts negative effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by power lines, power stations, cellular phone towers, and satellite transmissions, protecting nature on farms, orchards, timberland, wildlife sanctuaries, and backyards.

The Symphony™ will treat approximately 1,000 acres using a tree as a broadcast antenna. Using solar power, there is virtually no cost to run and maintain the unit.”

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in the environment can interfere with a plant’s ability to take up the nutrients it needs. The graphs below show nutrient absorption before and after treatment with the Symphony™.


*Crop Services International: “Symphony and Trees – In 1997 Coherent Resources, Inc. began its first test on The Light Rhythms™ Symphony in a 1400-acre forest in North Idaho set aside by a foundation to study alternative forest management practices. As in many forests, there was a corridor cut through the trees to make room for power lines. On each side of the corridor, the trees were showing signs of disease and stress caused by electromagnetic pollution from the power lines. A solar powered Symphony was mounted onto a tall tree near the corridor in order to set up a field of coherence to counteract the negative effects of the power lines. The tree served as an antenna to amplify and broadcast the field of protection throughout the project area.” <read the article>

*Complete set up instructions by  Vice-President Marc Tainio

NOTE: due to fluctuations in shipping costs, there may be additional fees to your particular area. You will receive an e-mail should this occur.


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