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Spectrum NFB (Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria)

The atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, so why do we not utilize more of this resource for plant growth? The answer is access. Atmospheric nitrogen is not in a form that can be used by plants. This is where nitrogen fixing bacteria (NFB) come to the aid of the plant (and grower).

Beyond legumes and the nodules that house rhizobia, another type of NFB exist; Free Living NFB. These are organisms that work with all plant types and not just legumes. This unlocks the atmospheric potential around us into a plant usable form.

Spectrum NFB combines the powerful benefits of these robust nitrogen fixing organisms, with the full array of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) that you have already come to rely on from Spectrum, in one easy to use package.

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Published on Dec 10, 2018


DISCONTINUING — BioGenesis I Plus Polymer.
We have improved on our original root dip product with the introduction of RhizoGenesis. You will find the added benefit of root nourishing mycorrhizal fungi, applied directly to the roots at pre-planting, will give your plants a powerful kick-start! Our OMRI listed, BioGenesis I Non-Polymer will still be available as well.

In recent years, we have found the majority of our customers have switched to Pepzyme G, which has a higher component of phosphorus (P) and shows us greater root growth. With the greater emphasis on phosphorus it is also generally the preferred product for early season and/or cold soil temperatures.

Attention: Tainio products  CANNOT be shipped to CANADA OR HAWAII. (Except Pepzyme, WHICH CAN BE SENT TO CANADA)

[*Due to fluctuations with shipping costs and WA state taxes, additional s/h fees and/or state tax may apply. By ordering from our website it is understood that if this occurs you will receive an invoice for the additional amount. SBE Team]

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