GoldLight Ranch

GoldLight Ranch

Artwork by Mary (Tree) Mullen 2020 (

GoldLight Ranch was conceived in 1993, near Sandpoint, Idaho on 30 acres of mostly wooded grounds by Owen and Mary Mullen AKA “Tree”. Their vision was to create a center for human and wild life to co-exist in a way in which many alternative aspects of life here on EARTH could be explored and demonstrated. They live in a straw bale house and continue to maintain the property, gardens and support all living here with love and dedication.

The Ranch has evolved into a research and development facility involving gardening, farming, alternative energy, forestry, horses, chickens, home building, art, Native American studies and practices, and much more.

Whether you come to visit for an hour, a day or choose to stay for years, you will learn and grow. Owen calls the facility a“gourmet rustic experience” and if you are accustomed to high end living, it is probably not for you. You must have an open mind, be ready for an adventure, and willing to roll up your sleeves and get involved to really enjoy this rare opportunity.

grapevinesIt is a great place for gatherings such as group counseling sessions, bar-b-ques, weddings, camp outs, re-unions, retreats, and seminars. Keep in mind we are continually evolving these facilities to accommodate groups and they are by no means turn key ready. As we get requests we will improve them for you. We also offer residential opportunities to live and grow here with us. At this time we do have a waiting list, but still entertain applications for those who want to live month to month here.


Over the past 15 years we have had a variety of residents from babies to grandparents (over 150 different people) all contributing to the diversity of experiences and our always growing “life-brary”…

We are a very active group on and around the ranch and enjoy skiing, wakeboarding, mountain horseback rides, hiking, fishing, hunting, and networking. Northern Idaho has 4-distinct seasons and each adds to the unique flavor of this special area. Should you tire of one, another is just around the corner! GLR is always full of surprises, you never know when a “critter” will show up! We have deer, moose, eagles, hawks, ravens, and rabbits surrounding us in Nature!

The 2018 summer we had more upgrades and building on the land … continuing to evolve the vision through Research and Development ~

The farm house is occupied with wonderful folks who are enjoying the land. The old school bus is rented by artistic musician and the Club House has a sweet couple (with 2-baby boys!) who are “minimalists” living simple!  Then there’s Star and their project of turning their 36′ travel trailer into a mountain cabin!!

BTW: Next step: We will be offering a new page on our website called GALLERY ~ offering works by our local GoldLight Ranch residents! Stay tuned!


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