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The research about “dirty electricity” is totally intriguing! Diabetes, MS, Autism and many other dis-eases are attributed to EMF radiation and living in an electrical environment. 
Now we have 5G to figure out! Here’s a recent video on YouTube!

In the Age of AI (full film) | FRONTLINE Dec 2, 2019

“A documentary exploring how artificial intelligence is changing life as we know it — from jobs to privacy to a growing rivalry between the U.S. and China.

FRONTLINE investigates the promise and perils of AI and automation, tracing a new industrial revolution that will reshape and disrupt our world, and allow the emergence of a surveillance society.”


“Every elected representative, at every level of Local, District, County & National Government has an explicit responsibility to ensure that their decisions take account of the Health & Well-being of their Electorate … so, when even the Telecomms Industry representatives acknowledge that there are ZERO academic or scientific studies which declare 5G as safe, WHY are they not taking any interest in the concerns being expressed by an increasing number of Scientists?”


Natural health expert and Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Magda Havas, Ph.D., on how installing EMF filters can help reduce the risk of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).  We also see the use of  Dr. Bruce Tainio, the inventor of the EMF protector using Light Rhythms technology with the Concerto and Symphony.


With children at greatest risk, it is up to parents to step in and make the necessary decisions regarding childhood use of consumer electronics and mobile devices. To protect your children from the harms of EMF, treat their bedroom as an electronic-free haven. Also go against the trend and do not allow children under 18 to have their own mobile phones.”
Published on Feb 18, 2016
Jeromy Johnson is an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure. He has a leading website on the topic and consults with individuals, families and organizations around the world to implement solutions that reduce and eliminate EMF pollution. Jeromy has an advanced degree in Civil Engineering and has worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years. After becoming what medical doctors call “Electro-hypersensitive” (EHS) in 2011 after extensive exposure to EMF radiation, he embarked on a journey of regaining his own health and educating others to critically evaluate theirs.
Another “frequency” technology for healing: Royal Raymond Rife Technology.

“According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises an important question, concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed/canned food has a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 Hz, dried herbs from 12 to 22 Hz and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz.

Who was Dr. Royal Rife and why do we need to know about his work? (


Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege


Light RhythmsTM EMF Protectors ~ Concerto & Symphony 
Protect your family, neighborhood or farm from the possible harmful effects of kitchen appliances, televisions, stereos, nearby power lines and home computers.

symphony EMF protector                emf protection

This is the Verizon tower installed next to the property line and WHY we needed a  Light RhythmsTM EMF Protectors ~ the Symphony!
EMF protector

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