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One of our goals is to provide information about things that we have discovered (about our products or issues pertaining to them) that we feel would be of use to our friends, relatives and customers (either because of our own experience, or from what others have shared with us).

Things we care about:

    • purifying your own drinking water
    • how to grow good organic food with healthy soil
    • protection from EMF’s, cell towers, SMART meters & phones, computers, WiFi,  and
    • tips on how we can each “Make a Difference” whoever and wherever we may be!
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3-bottle special Here are some things our product BIOTITE H3O2  has demonstrated:

  • Removes 99% chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, plastics, solvents, heavy metals & pathogens
  •  Provides full spectrum of elements in soluble form
  •  Activates oxygen & increases assimilation of nutrients
  •  Provides improved hydration
People keep asking for other ways to use this amazing solution. Here’s one we use ALL the time!


An excellent use for BiotiteH3O2 is to wash and/or soak your vegetables in a few drops of the solution. Even organic produce can be suspect due to unknown water sources, so this is a good way to make sure you are safe from contaminates!

soak veggies

EMF Protection

Concerto & Symphony EMF Protectors by Eco Energy Systems /Light RhythmsTM )

Protects humans/plants/animals from the possible harmful effects of Electromagnetic fields. Whether in-home, auto or RV; works great with computers, cell phones,  kitchen appliances, televisions, stereos, nearby power lines, SMART meters, Cell towers, and some WiFi systems. The Concerto covers approx 4,000 square feet.

*Can be Plugged into the cigarette lighter (with converter) in your auto and feel the protection while in the city!

Concerto EMF Protector by EcoEnergy Systems

Light Rhythms Symphony by EcoEnergySystems

The Symphony EMF Protectors creates an approx. 3 mile “resonance bubble”  (1.5 mile radius) that enhances the surrounding environment through wave harmonics*. Animals and plants thrive within the ‘Symphony zone’.  Uses a tree as an amplifier. Solar powered! *see website

*Save up to 30% off with our GROUP discount pricing on the Concerto EMF Protectors!
… the children shall lead us….

refuse plastic

  ways to reduce use of plastic

Thanks for taking time to read this letter. We value your opinion and appreciate  the opportunity to share ideas and also accept new perspectives (and DISCARD the old ones that no longer serve).   Together we are facing a collectively difficult task, and many are going through horrific and epic situations; many thousands of people who are literally going through ‘end-of-the-world’ scenarios and drastic levels of change. These major impact times however, are also providing a ‘larger-picture’ opportunity for “average” citizens (us) of Mother Earth to activate, energize and radiate incredible ‘super-human’ potentials in ‘real-time’ and often on a daily basis!

So thanks to YOU and we look forward to our continuing conversation.

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