What can I do?

reuse-reduce-recycleWe can ALL “Make a Difference” by being more AWARE of our surroundings and the Mother Earth. Our intention here is to suggest ways and options that one person can do … one person at a time! Then we share with friends and family.


trash-plastic bottlesFirst on our list is using a plastic water bottle. Many folks use it ONCE and then throw it away! That is totally unaware, just look at how the oceans are suffocating for our trash.

Then, there’s the money it costs to make it and the pollution it is causing. STOP and THINK ~ There are so many ways we could carry our own personal “reusable bottle” or “canteen” as some call it!

Watch the following video to see what a NURDLE is and what the ocean is like when the trash has no other place to go!!

BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks  Published on Feb 10, 2015

Even though 80% of trash starts on land, tons of it ends up in the ocean, swirling around in a massive patch of plastic debris.


The Story of Bottled Water reveals the truth behind the scenes, please share with others.


When you make your own H3o2 water that is treated with Biotite Liquid Concentrate, we can reduce at least 2000 bottles that would be dumped  in landfills! One 32 oz bottle treats up to 400 gallons of water! That’s less the $.25 per gallon!


buying bottled waterOften times, bottled water will sit in hot conditions, or on store shelves where harmful bacteria can form, just add a few drops of Biotite to clear ALL those toxins out ~ also, by treating TAP WATER you can “structure” it into H3o2 water easily. We keep a 2 gallon container on the kitchen counter with the treated water. That makes it easy to keep all our “canteens” full! NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLES!



NO MORE WATER BOTTLES! Do you want clean, pure H3o2 structured water or plastic  bottled water from knows where? BUY NOW



“This video encourages using SUP (single use plastic) by means of recycling as the answer. However, the amount of energy (carbon) used in the process of down-cycling offsets any benefit of recycling. We need to focus on refusing, reusing (refill not landfill) then reducing and recycling. Plastic is not sustainable and not a viable option in a rapidly warming ecosystem.”


STOP USING PLASTIC STRAWS. It seems time to REFUSE plastic straws and plastic eating utensils and carry our own! Easy!plastic straws

Many marine animals have been harmed by ingesting the plastic. We saw a video of a turtle with a straw lodged in its nostril, it looked so painful when it was removed.

refuse plastic

Our oceans are the other source of this heavy plastic heavy pollution. Fish are ingesting plastic and we EAT them! Where does it stop? You want to ask your favorite takeout restaurants to please change to paper/containers that can be recycled or reused or perhaps bring your own container for them to use. Keep a set of silverware in your vehicle and use them instead of disposable plastic ware. Having your own drinking cup will also replace that soda fountain and a need to have straws (or have your own that can be washed and reused).

Children are becoming more aware of the water situation ALL over the World! Here’s a video presented by 7th graders, it shows how very blessed we are, those of us that have clean drinking water and don’t have to walk miles to get!

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