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Hydration, drinking enough GOOD water and the importance of H3o2 water!

Today, much of our water is tainted with all sorts of toxins and pollutants and our health is suffering as a result. Now you can make your own structured H3o2 water that is free from these pollutants and loaded with ionic minerals to help replenish thirsty cells.


What is H3o2 water and how does it work?

The research is indicating that our bodies convert H20 water to H3o2 water that nourishes our cells and bodies. It is called EZ water, a negative charged protein repels the positive protein and causes energy movement! It drives the energy to the cells to help them function.

Who is Dr. Gerald Pollack?

This is an excellent video to explain EZ water and how it works in our bodies.

TEDx Talks  Published on Nov 21, 2016
What does water actually do in the formula for life? Water scientist and biomedical engineer Gerald Pollack shares new information and ideas about simple things we can do to charge up our human cells faster than our cell phones. The report from his lab will surprise you. Dr. Gerald Pollack is a professor at the University of Washington. Dr. Pollack’s research investigates biological motion and cell biology.
Benefits of drinking structured H3o2 water 

skin care

Here’s an amazing fact  …

plastic wasteOne 32 oz bottle of Biotite H3o2 Liquid Crystal Minerals

can eliminate about 2000 plastic bottles from being thrown away and the waste of energy to make them … for a one time use is enormous!  IMAGINE if everyone changed this wasteful pattern it would definitely change things up to  “Make a Difference”! Check out our special on baby ad Biotite H3o2 Liquid Crystal Minerals

There is NO PLACE to throw it away anymore! TEACH our children about plastics and how to reuse, recycle and repurpose our precious resources.

throw away society

Please take the time to reuse your bottles and add fresh, structured H3o2 water using a few drops of Biotite H3o2 Liquid Crystal Minerals!

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