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What is H3o2 water? We just published our 1st video with our SOO (Senior Operating Officer) of Sunlightbioelectric, Owen Mullen (known as POPS) of GoldLight Ranch. POPS will be sharing tips about water, gardening with Tainio organics and how to have healthy soil to grow in, PLUS ideas for sustainable living. If you would like to see other video’s about our products and information, then please SUBSCRIBE to this video on YouTube. Thank you … and by the way,   “What’s in your canteen?”



Biotite Liquid Concentrate is made from a naturally occurring mineral deposit called Biotite. It is processed using a proprietary technology. The resulting liquid is capable of restoring water to its original purity, making it H3o2 water, even if it is heavily polluted. Please read the Research Page for more information.

benefits of water

When a small amount of Biotite Liquid Concentrate is added to water, it not only changes the water’s molecular structure, but also transforms toxins into non-toxic, inert, biodegradable compounds.

People that have used Biotite show significant results!  Many have reported that this amazing solution has literally changed their lives! Here are some findings:



  • Removes chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, plastics, solvents, heavy metals & pathogens
  •  Provides full spectrum of elements in soluble form
  •  Eliminates viruses, harmful bacteria & parasites
  •  Removes cellular waste residues out of  tissue, gland & organs
  •  Activates oxygen & increases assimilation of nutrients
  •  Stimulates efficient cellular metabolism
  •  Provides improved hydration to cellular level
  •  Magnetic sulfate minerals are key to optimize all enzymatic function

In addition to all these benefits, it is also very affordable! 

SAVE MONEY!  One 32 oz bottle purifies up to 400 gallons of water (depending on the amount of contamination). This comes to about $0.25 per gallon. If you drink half a gallon of water a day, the cost would be $0.13 per day! That 13 cents! How much do you pay for the water you drink every day, and what do you do with all those bottles?

Wouldn’t you want to if you could?

refuse plasticNot only can you have clean drinking water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water, but perhaps just as important is the affect you as an individual have on increasing or decreasing the waste stream of empty plastic bottles because you can use the same bottle over and over rather than throwing one away every time you drink water!! Now is the time to teach our children (show them!) and wake up “adults” to the problems plastics create.

What can you do? (click here)


An amazing fact is that …

bottled waterone 32 oz Biotite Concentrate bottle, eliminates about 2000 plastic bottles from being thrown away and the waste of energy to make them … for a one time use!  If everyone changed this wasteful pattern it would definitely  ”Make a Difference”!


Here’s a little background on our TEAM here at Gold Light Ranch. We are a research and development community living in North Idaho, for the most part living off grid and have tried many products with regards to water filtration. Discovering what Black Mica (the mineral biotite) does as it cleans toxic water and adds ionic minerals is the most amazing thing we can report. We grow most of our own food, drink well/spring water and have used Biotite Liquid Concentrate to treat our drinking water for many years! There are so many benefits and that is what we want to share here. We encourage you to use the information, watch the video’s, follow the links and try it for yourself.

Many hours have been spent checking out videos with Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Masaru Emoto, MJ Pangman, Gina Bria and so much more about WATER. Thank you and here’s to your health!!

Biotite Liquid Concentrate available in 2oz. or 32 oz

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Here are some other uses with Biotite Concentrate !

• As a vegetable wash: 

  • As a soak/wash for produce that is not organically grown.

veggiesBiotite Concentrate can be used as a vegetable wash. Simply spray a diluted solution (1 Tbsp/gallon) on vegetables.  A five minute soak  in the same dilution draws pesticides and other contaminants from deeper within food for a more thorough cleanse. This same solution can be used over and over again for several weeks before discarding.

As an additive to hot tubs, jacuzzi’s, whirlpools, spas ~ 

hot tub


Because it’s completely natural, less harmful to the environment than chemicals and lasts up to eight months between uses.

Also, used as an additive to a bath because, essentially, the same compounds that are found in mineral baths and spas in Europe and many other places, are the ones in Biotite Liquid Concentrate so you can have an honest-to-goodness mineral spa right in your own bathtub, and at a tiny fraction of the usual cost.

  • As a replacement for chemicals that are ordinarily used for cleaning, for example, contact lens solutions.
  • At a dilution level determined through experimentation, as a spray for houseplants or in the garden.
  • Biotite can also be diluted at the rate of 1000:1 for agricultural purposes because it improves the moisture characteristics of soil. kids-soilAdd it to the water, stir or agitate, then water your plants. We can teach our children early on how to grown their own food with good soil, water and nutrients.


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