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The test results are in for BIOTITE MINERAL SOLUTION

Read Report # 13-71-02A Report Date: 03/13/13 Date Sampled: 03/03/13 Biotite Treatment Only (no filtration), adding 1 mL Biotite per 1000mL of water   Biotite – Guasave – Treatment only  (Note: Aluminum in this context is the salt mineral, NOT the metal which is toxic when heated).

“Super Minerals are mineral liquid extracted with sulfuric acid from black mica embedded in granite. When the Super Mineral Solution is mixed with tap water, oxygen within the water reaches the stage of activation and creates an oxidizing phenomenon. The origin of life derives from this oxidization phenomena. The water itself now is activated and its cluster becomes smaller. When the cluster of water is big, sundry organic matters, or trihalomethanes (THMs), are dissolved therein. But when clusters are small, the organic matter such as THMs cannot hang onto the water; in other words, they lose their union. This will translate to losing toxicity. With this logical step, tap water begins to change to water that is good for our body.” Read article here: Dr._Shimanishi_interview

A challenge water was prepared with Arsenic III, at a concentration of 50 μg/L. Biotite Mineral Solution was added to the solution at a concentration of 3 mL of Biotite per liter of challenge water. The solution was filtered through the Biotite Ceramic Filter System, and then tested for Arsenic after 24, and 48 hours of adding the Biotite solution. The concentration of Arsenic decreased to non-detectable levels after 48 hours.” <see link below>

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Click on link below to see PDF filePDF-download-logo14-206 Biotite Arsenic Test

Biotite Company-Antibacterial Test Report

14-206 Biotite Lead Test

14-206 Biotite Mercury Test

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