Mountain Spring Water Filter System

Mountain Springwater Filtration System

This free-standing, no electricity needed, gravity fed water filter system includes a 0.2 micron ceramic filter, a multi-level filter of raw earth-activated carbon and zeolites. Fully assembled, it is 13 inches at the base and is 23.5 inches tall.

When Biotite is added to water and then passed through this filtration unit, it creates living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mountain spring-like water.

Most people assume that their only choice for mountain spring water is to obtain it in plastic bottles. But, now the plastic bottles can be eliminated as well as the landfill waste they create. Just keep one water container handy (we recommend glass) and that’s all you’ll ever need!

Combining the power of the Mountain Spring system with Biotite  creates structured, purified drinking water!

The Mountain Spring Filter system uses the following natural technologies:

* Ceramic filter: with a typical 0.2 micron size sieve. The ceramic filter is highly effective at removing many types of particles that are typically found in water. For example, bacteria ranges in size from 0.5 to 1.0 microns. A typical ceramic filter lasts about 1 -2 years depending on water quality and number of gallons filtered.

* Natural 4-layer earth filter: the treated water will filter through 4-layers of earth which include activated carbon, silica sand, ion exchange resin and bio ceramic. Throughout nature, these materials are used to purify the Earth’s water. A typical earth filter will last for about 300 gallons.

* Magnetic Water Spigot (F.I.R. far infrared): The earth with its natural magnetic fields naturally charges bodies of water such as lakes, wells and running streams. Treating water with magnetic fields can restore the water’s natural energy and balance.

* The Biotite solution combines with water to eliminate or reduce such substances as chlorine and fluoride. Our minerals also ensure that bad bacteria cannot thrive. The ionic minerals are a great catalyst for and supplier of oxygen due to Biotite’s ability to draw and hold oxygen in water.

Directions: The System has two water chambers.

The upper chamber has a 5 liter capacity (approximately 1-1/2 gallons) and the lower chamber has a 10 liter capacity (approximately 3 gallons.)

Fill the upper chamber with water and add a minimum of 1 teaspoon of Biotite. The water will drip through the ceramic filter of the upper chamber, down through the natural, 4-layer earth filter and into the water reservoir.

Maintenance includes periodically rinsing off the ceramic filter, replacing the carbon earth filter about every 300 gallons and replacing the ceramic filter every 1 – 2 years. The life of the ceramic filter is determined by the quality of your water, the amount of water filtered, and the way in which the filter is treated during use.

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