future childrenWelcome to Sunlightbioelectric.com ~ sharing ideas about sustainable “off grid” living, making clean H3o2 structured water, offering Tainio Garden products and so much more.

Thank you for visiting our “new” website, we want to keep things simple, easy to navigate and informative! Since our last website crashed and the rebuilding has begun, it helps us to realize what our priorities and purpose is ~ our intention is to “Make a Difference” on this planet Earth and together we can! The future of our children depends on us … but maybe they have some of the answers! We must start by teaching them RESPECT … Nature, all animals big and small, all living Beings! By showing them not to litter, or why you are bringing your own drinking “canteen” is a wonderful way to honor and respect everyone! Thank you teachers and students, we’re ALL in this together.


ATTENTION: E. Coli and bacteria on fruits and veggies! ~ There has been an increasing problem with contaminated veggies, evidence that bacteria contaminates the lettuce through use of manure fertilizers and toxic water from runoffs. In some cases there have been E. Coli on greens and vegetables that have not been fertilized this way.

fruit-lettuce-washBiotite Liquid Concentrate can be used as a vegetable and fruit wash!

Simply spray a diluted solution (1 Tbsp/gallon) on vegetables.  A five minute soak  in the same dilution draws pesticides and other contaminants from deeper within food for a more thorough cleanse. This same solution can be used over and over again for several weeks before discarding.

Biotite Liquid Concentrate  (click here)



water around the worldWHO OWNS THE WATER? We are grateful for the information and video’s on our other website: H3o2water.com  Everything we  wanted to know about H3o2 water and that we could find, is there! Information about companies BUYING the water rights of small towns, pollution of our precious water, water in the news, research, interesting links, stressed water and the MAGIC of water! We continue to add more all the time, please visit often.

Also, it is an honor to be a part of sharing our experiences of living off grid, living with the sensitivity of EMF’s in the city, discussing how to have healthy organic garden soil, or about purifying toxic water. These are the things we want to bring to the light and allow the gifts.

We really appreciate this opportunity to serve and are very excited about all the things we want to share. So please come back often or send us an email.


SunlightBioElectric Team


POPS-Owen MullenWhat is H3o2 water? We just published our 1st video with our SOO (Senior Operating Officer) of Sunlightbioelectric, Owen Mullen (known as POPS) of GoldLight Ranch. POPS will be sharing tips about water, gardening with Tainio organics and how to have healthy soil to grow in, PLUS ideas for sustainable living. Thank you … and by the way,   “What’s in your canteen?” <click here>


h3o2 water Tainio technology


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